Newark Arts @ nico – String Theory

Newark Arts @ nico, visual art at the art center | Akwaaba Gallery , String Theory by Dawn L. Stringer

On view February 26th through June 26th 2023

String Theory is a collection of paintings created by Abstract Expressionist, Dawn L. Stringer. These works are a colorful, emotionally charged and a transparent visual journey into Dawn’s mind and world.

Through an intuitive creative process, this collection depicts her perspective on personal accountability, trauma and healing relationships, social anxiety, introversion, happiness, music and other visual responses to the current climate of the world.

Dawn’s work is characterized by vibrant color palettes, heavy powerful strokes, layers of wondrous curiosities and strong textures. Her signature pulling and scraping techniques allow the opportunity for viewer’s to develop their own interpretations of what they see and feel based upon their personal experiences, imagination, perception; as well as appreciate the aesthetic value of the work, in which she hopes emotional connections to the work can be developed. She wants the viewer to be visually and emotionally comfortable with their thoughts and feelings about her work. “I realize everyone will process my work differently, I’m perfectly okay with people simply finding beauty within my work; it doesn’t change my inspiration. Though there’s is a lot freedom in abstract art, people see what they see. I try to create from a place of peace but after the last couple years or so, I think we all need to stop and appreciate the beautiful things we still have left. I describe my work as beautifully organized chaos and we’re just trying to remain sane in an insane world.”


Monday, Closed
Tuesday, 11:30AM–8PM
Wednesday, 11:30AM–8PM
Thursday, 11:30AM–8PM
Friday, 11:30AM–8PM
Saturday, 3–8PM
Sunday, Closed


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Newark Arts at NICO – Art List, Curated by Akwaaba Gallery

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