In alignment with our organizational commitment to enhance and strengthen the vitality of the Newark arts creative community through personal and professional development programming, Newark Arts will coordinate and host a series of convenings for members of the arts and culture sector, addressing some of their most pressing concerns.
If you’re interested in submitting an idea for a convening follow the button below.


Convenings 2024
JANUARY 31: Newark Artist Databse | Introduction & Tutorial

MARCH 7: Navigating Grant Opportunities In The Arts

MARCH 27: Tax Essentials For Artists

APRIL 25: Copyright And Intellectual Property Protection For Artists

May 22: Contracts 101 For Visual And Performing Artists

Convenings 2023
OCTOBER 28: So you’re accepted into an exhibit; now what?

FEBRUARY 16: Ask a Curator with Jasmine Wahi

Convenings 2021
FEBRUARY 26: Newark Women’s Writers Workshop

MARCH 24: Reading Your Grant Application Toolkit with Ashley Artis

MAY 19: Photography With Anthony Alvarez + Colleen O’Neal

MAY 26: Meet Me At The Residency! With David Antonio Cruz

JUNE 9: Crafting Your Elevator Pitch With Robin Cembalest

SEPTEMBER 22: Art Writing for Artists with Robin Cembalest

SEPTEMBER 29: Creating Your “About” Blurb with Robin Cembalest

October 27: Best Practices 2: Photographing Your Art with Anthony Alvarez + Colleen O’Neal

Convenings 2020
FEBRUARY 19: Newark Women’s Writers Workshop

FEBRUARY 20: Building Wealth Through Lifelong Learning

MARCH 5: 5 Steps To Filmmaking Success with Kay The Kreator

MARCH 21: Words & Wellness

Convenings 2019
DECEMBER 18: Newark Women’s Writers Workshop

NOVEMBER 14: Artist & Creative’s Health & Wellness Initiative

OCTOBER 16: Artist & Creative’s Health & Wellness Initiative

OCTOBER 8: Legacy Lives On

AUGUST 28: NWWW: Newark Women’s Writers Workshop

AUGUST 21: Financial Empowerment With LISC

JULY 27-28: LPMF Sustainable Health & Wellness Village

JULY 14: How to make a living as an artist, creative, or musician

MARCH 7: Health & Wellness

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