Newark Arts @ NICO | Collective Memory by Rosalind Nzinga

Newark Arts @ nico, visual art at the art center | Collective Memory by Rosalind Nzinga

Join us to partake in an evening of artistry and cultural enrichment at NJPAC’s NICO Kitchen + Bar. On Monday, March 11th, 2024, from 6 to 8PM, we are honored to present Collective Memory, an exhibition featuring visual artist, Rosalind Nzinga Vaughn-Nichol. Located in the vibrant heart of Newark, this event promises an engaging exploration of Rosalind’s latest body of work. We warmly encourage you to join us and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and rich historical narratives depicted in her art.

Music by DJ Gonzalo Silva.

“Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is the remnant that connects humanity. Research published in 1987, says ONE common African female ancestor links all people together. Scientists named her Mitochondrial Eve, because mtDNA is inherited only through the mother’s ovum.

I am endlessly fascinated by this fact. And how it might account for familiar strands of spirit and culture woven into communities I visit. Colors, patterns, rhythms, food, style, unspoken vibrations. Remind me that I belong to a very rich inventive cultural dialogue. My focus in this exhibition is to celebrate the familiar. The root… Some of the many common remnants that continue to dance themselves from and around the family tree.”

~ Rosalind Nzinga Vaughn- Nichol


Monday, Closed
Tuesday, 11:30AM–8PM
Wednesday, 11:30AM–8PM
Thursday, 11:30AM–8PM
Friday, 11:30AM–8PM
Saturday, 3–8PM
Sunday, Closed


Newark Arts at NICO – Collective Memory Statement & Art List

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